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Week of October 4, 2015

This past Friday, October 2nd we celebrated “Grandparents Day” at both campuses here at All Saints Academy School (ASA). It was a great day for our children to spend some quality time with their grandparents, to celebrate with them our school Mass, to show off their classroom and teachers, talk about the things they are learning and show off any projects they may be working, especially here at our St. Cloud campus. I think grandparents and grandchildren share a special bond. Grandparents seem to have the time, patience, and wisdom of years to really connect with their grandchildren, and they do so with such great love! You could see the pride our children had in showing grandma and grandpa around and doing various activities with them. Special thanks to those who helped put this day together and make it a great success. Thanks also to our grandparents who took the time to attend.

On this note, you probably noticed in our bulletin a weekly announcement explaining the new Catholic Community of Schools which Bishop Kettler is initiating in our St. Cloud area. You should also see in our bulletin an insert explaining more about this new school system. Over the past year Bishop Kettler has appointed special steering committees to look into this new system and to develop a structure that will benefit and strengthen all the Catholic Schools in our area. These steering committees have also met with our ASA School Board, Pastoral Councils and Finance Committees just to give us a heads up and keep us posted on what is going on. Bishop Kettler has had extensive experience in developing this system before he was a bishop, when he was a pastor in Sioux Falls S.D. as all the Catholic Schools in that area consolidated and pooled managerial staff and resources with the result of a very vibrate Catholic school system. Bishop Kettler plans to do the same here. While all the schools in the St. Cloud Area will maintain their individual identities (our own ASA will remain the same), we will all be under one Corporate Board umbrella with one Superintendent and one School Board, with shared office administrators which might include: Human resources, Finance, Marketing, Curriculum programing, Institutional advancement etc. Obviously the individual Pastors, Parishes, and Principals will be part of this new system and have their say, but the new program should help all of us be better schools. So far we have had 1 year of discussions (2014-15) with the plan to begin implementing some of the structure beginning 2016-17 and then beginning with the new school year of 2017-18 the plan should be fully implemented. How it works in exact detail is anyone’s guess right now, but our hopes are high.

Over the past 15 years, all the schools in the St. Cloud area have had to do some restructuring to survive and do well, so we are way ahead of the Sioux Falls in that area. What is left is a final consolidation of resources while maintaining what school identities we have. Hopefully this will also help improve enrollment! Stay tuned as over the next year and a half more information is laid out. Peace and God bless!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl


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