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Week of September 20th, 2015

Inserted in our bulletins this week is our 2014-15 Annual Financial Report for both the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. Also, enclosed in our bulletin is an updated report on both our “Focus on Facilities” campaign for St. Peter and our “Journey in Faith” capital campaign for St. Paul. I felt this was a good time to show everyone who gave so generously to both these campaigns a basic breakdown of our contributions and expenses thus far. I am very proud of how so many people stepped up to donate toward both these fundraisers in order to help build up our parish facilities. I also think we can be very happy with the great improvements we have made so far. As the “Focus on Facilities” campaign slowly comes to an end and as the “Journey in Faith” campaign is also moving toward a conclusion, I encourage you to look over both these results.

Be sure to also look over our Annual Financial Report which concludes our fiscal year this past June 30th. As required, both these reports have been approved by our Parish Trustees, sent to our St. Cloud Diocese, and published for your review. Both reports look very healthy thanks to your generosity and the sacrifices made by our parish staff! The main reason for such positive outcomes is mainly because of our continued cuts in parish expenses. Compared to last year, while St. Paul seems to have leveled out and holds its own on income, St. Peter does seem to continue to drop and fall. I hope we can reverse this trend, since we are running out of ideas to cut expenses.

Stewardship is such an important part of Christian call. By stewardship, I mean, our way of giving thanks to God for all the wonderful blessings and opportunities we have received by the grace of God. There is no better way to give thanks in a concrete way than to give financially to your parish and volunteer your time. God bless those of you who truly do your part! I also encourage those who could give more to please consider doing so.

Finally, I want to thank those representatives from both our parishes who gave us their stewardship talks this weekend. Instead of just hearing me, your pastor, speak about financial giving and the blessing of tithing, it’s good to hear from people who actually support our churches financially and who have first-hand experience on how God can bless us. My hope is that it will help everyone realize that stewardship is a way of life in regard to our faith in Jesus Christ! God bless all of you who are good stewards for your generosity to us. May the Lord reward your kindness in

many ways as we continue our journey together in Christ!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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