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Week of September 13th, 2015

Another school year has begun as fall approaches and we return to a rhythm of learning. We are all on a life long journey of faith. We must seek to become what we already are, the Body of Christ. Every encounter of our lives allows and challenges us to live into our Baptismal call to be a priestly person, a prophetic person as well as kingly person. In our baptism, we recognize that we are chosen and claimed, we are the Body of Christ. St. Francis de Sales writes, “Be who you are, and be that well.” We are called to reflect Christ’s light into the world and from the very core of our breath.

Lumen Gentium explains that by our priestly duty we are called to “consecrate the world itself to God” (LG 34) through our works, prayers, activities, and daily responsibilities. It explains that as prophets we are to announce Jesus Christ by life and word and be witnesses to “life springing forth from faith (LG 35).” And lastly, that as His disciples we are named as His kings so that we too “might be constituted in royal freedom and that by true penance and a holy life [we] might conquer the reign of sin in [ourselves]” (LG 36).

As we begin this fall, we have many opportunities to grow in our faith together. Each Wednesday this fall we will be offering a community meal prior to Faith Formation classes. This meal is an opportunity for all of us to share our stories, come to know one another, give witness to and recognize Christ within each other and share a meal. It provides us an opportunity as we share a meal and our lives, to be the Body Of Christ for and with one another. We invite all to come to this free will offering meal on Wednesdays this fall beginning on September 30 at 5pm at St. Peter’s Dining Room. Volunteers are always welcome.

Our commitment to lifelong faith formation means that all elements of catechesis work together, weaving and forming the faith of all of us. In the National Directory for Catechesis, the six fundamental tasks of catechesis are: knowledge of the faith, liturgical education, moral formation, teaching to pray, community life, and missionary spirit.

Classes, study groups, a bereavement series and liturgy provide us to grow and learn more about our Catholic faith. These opportunities call us to minister to one another as well as open ourselves to be ministered to. We are each called to share our gifts and talents as well as to humbly allow others to share their gifts and talents with us as well. This fall, consider how you will engage in the Body of Christ we are building in our parishes of St. Peter and St. Paul-all are welcome!


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