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Fr. LeRoy Scheierl
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Week of August 2nd, 2015

Since 1999, the Diocese of St. Cloud has had a partnership with the Diocese of Homa Bay in Kenya. Over the years this has been an rewarding and enriching relationship between our brothers and sisters in Homa Bay and St. Cloud as we share our faith stories, walk together in Christ, and understand what it means to be a Universal Church. As part of this partnership certain delegations of men and women from both dioceses are chosen to visit back and forth to help bring the Gospel of Jesus and return to their own parishes to pass on what they have learned and experienced.

This coming February 2016, 16 delegates will travel with Bishop Donald Kettler to help promote and deepen our Catholic call to mission. Among those traveling with our bishop are two members of our own parishes here at St. Peter and St. Paul. Their names are, Rose Blesener and Brianda Cediel. This being said, I want to congratulate them on their selection as I am sure they will represent us well. My hope is that you as members of both our parishes will begin (now) by praying for them and the whole delegation as they prepare for this all-important faith and cultural mission. We may also want to help set off some of their expenses and costs by dedicating 1 (possibly 2) of our monthly, second collections toward their trip. Upon their return, maybe they could speak at our weekend liturgies or other special gathering so we too may gain from their new-found insight and knowledge in Christ. May God bless their journey with faith, hope, protection, and love!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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