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June 14th, 2015 – Message from Deacon Dave...

Our Gospel reading this weekend brings us into the presence of nature as we see Summer dawning. The seeds that were planted in the fields and gardens are beginning to sprout and we have no doubt cut the lawn a few times.

Suddenly the world is green again and we see all kinds of little critters flying and scurrying about that we haven't seen for a number of months. The children are out of school and the parks and playgrounds are filled with their gleeful shouts and giggles. Mom's and Dad's are adjusting their driving schedules so the kids can make it to all the Summer events, camps and activities. By the end of Summer, they too will have grown like weeds and we will look at them with amazement and say, “how did that happen?”

From the tiny seeds in the ground to the expanding universe, it seems growth and change is a fundamental characteristic of life. So, instead of resisting it (which always results in stress and anxiety), perhaps now is the time to accept it, foster it and nurture it. In terms of personal growth, we might take time for an adult education class in an area we have always liked or was curious about, but never had the time for. In the physical area, we might pump up the tires in the old bike, or put on the worn shoes and go for a walk around the neighborhood. In the Spiritual area, perhaps now is the time for that often postponed retreat. This past week Fr. Leroy was at the diocesan priest's retreat, and I will be at the annual deacon's retreat the last weekend of the month. It seems important that the psychological, physical and spiritual triads of life be proportional to one another, just as a three legged stool will be out of balance if one of the legs is shorter than the others. So now is the time to sit down and ponder if what you are sitting on is a little tilted to one side or the other.

On behalf of Fr. Leroy, the church staff and myself, may you all have a fulfilling and productive Summer.

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