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Fr. LeRoy Scheierl
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Week of May 10, 2015

May is the month for Mary! The Church in her wisdom has set aside one particular month to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary and the role she has played in salvation history, both as wife and mother and witness and disciple of her son and our Lord, Jesus Christ. The month of May, of course, is a month when nature tends to burst with new life as the plants and grass and trees begin to bud and bloom in Spring. It’s no wonder then we choose May for Mary, since as the Mother of God, brought for the source of all life itself! Mary allowed herself to become an instrument of God as the Word made flesh and dwelt among us. This being Mother’s Day weekend, it is an excellent opportunity for all women and mothers to look to Mary to be their shining example of labor and of love, of being bearers of life in their own families as well. What would we do without the unconditional and sacrificial love of our mothers? God realized this was so important that he arranged for the perfect mother for his Son. Jesus as a child needed to experience human love (a mother’s love) in very concrete ways before he could sanctify it and elevate it to the Father in heaven and bring even more meaning to it from the cross. This Mother’s Day weekend, let’s pray for God’s blessings upon all our mothers both living and decease. Let’s be sure to thank “mom” for the life and love she has shared with us. May they experience the reward of their love and may Mary, the Mother of Jesus, always be their source of comfort, warmth, support and guide.

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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