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Week of April 12, 2015

“Jesus, I trust in You!”

This weekend is what we call, Divine Mercy Sunday. It’s a time when we have the opportunity to really focus in on Christ’s mercy which extends to everyone after his resurrection following Easter Sunday! This day is a relatively new feast in the Church which was established in the year 2000 by St. Pope John Paul II. This celebration is slowly but surely gaining momentum as we begin to realize our own need for mercy and how important the world needs God’s love for everyone.

Our story begins with a simple polish nun, Sister Faustina Kwalwaska from Warsaw Poland, who experienced a series of divine revelations and visions of our Lord, asking that a special feast of mercy be established. This weekend’s readings always focus on Thomas the apostle and how Jesus, our risen Lord, not only entered through the locked doors of the Upper Room to appear to the apostles, but how he also unlocked “Doubting Thomas’” inability to believe. This feast celebrates how Jesus can penetrate through the closed doors and thick walls of our own doubts. Jesus comes in this way to help us experience a deeper faith! Divine Mercy Sunday also helps us understand how inexhaustible God’s mercy is for everyone. We simply cannot outdo God’s patience and compassion through Christ! In a world torn by suspicion, untold violence and wars, I think we need a revelation of God’s Mercy more than ever. So, I encourage everyone to look deeper into the story of Divine Mercy and make it a part of your own spiritual devotion and exercise.

“Jesus, I trust in you!” should be part of our daily prayers for everyone. Happy Feast of Mercy!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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