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Week of February 1, 2015

We just concluded celebrating “Catholic Schools Week” here in the Diocese of St. Cloud. This past week (January 25-30th) has been an excellent opportunity for us to highlight the Catholic Schools in the area, not only our own All Saints Academy but also the other Catholic grade schools and Cathedral High School as well!

Catholic education brings with it a quality education for our children. It builds community, and it instills a strong Catholic faith and Christian identity, while passing on good values, values which will help our children and students grow into healthy, quality adults.

We here at All Saints Academy are proud of what we do with our students and teachers! This past week at ASA, our children had several activities in their classrooms with their teachers, other classmates, and with parents to help celebrate. On Wednesday we had the privilege of gathering with many Catholic Schools in our area at St. John’s Abbey Church to celebrate Mass with Bishop Donald Kettler. All the pastors, teachers, students, and school principals and administrators were there. You could really feel the Spirit at work among us as we were all united with our common bond in Christ!

Parents and teachers and students also had the opportunity to listen to a speaker by the name of Erin Walsh who spoke on “Raising Children in a Digital World.” This was held on CHS campus, in the Holy Angels auditorium this past Thursday at 7:00 pm. It was a great social and informative event. One of our mottos here at All Saints Academy is: “Where Spirit meets Education.” This is so true when it comes to forming our children in those crucial years of development. God bless our Catholic Schools and God bless all those who serve and support them!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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