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Week of December 21st – 4th Week of Advent

This coming week we will be celebrating the great Solemnity we call Christmas! I hope all of you will take enough time and opportunity personally needed to truly absorb this special time of year. In these last days before Christmas, our readings naturally focus on the Blessed Virgin Mary. Like her, we should take the rest of Advent and our expectation for Christmas as seriously as a new mother takes her pregnancy with child. Think of the all the excitement and anticipation a new mother experiences as she prepares for her new baby. Think of how a special room and place has to be set up in the house, how new supplies will have to be bought, how life will be changed, how everything will be very different with the advent of a new member of the house. What will the new baby look like? How will I respond to it? How will he or she respond to me? Where is the manual I need to read to know how to live this new

role of mine? Obviously, there is no manual to be read, just an experience to live and work out, a new adventure to enjoy and take in.

The same is true for Christmas! Christmas is not merely a memory or a celebration or a blessing that is over and done. Rather, it is a hopeful encounter with the living Lord, the incarnate Jesus who is always “God with us!” The question then is, “Do we have a place prepared for him?”

“How do we respond to his invitation to us?” In these last days amid all the hectic travel plans and errands and work and preparation that has to be done, let us also rest with Mary, that quiet and loving Mother of God who shows us all how to receive the love of Christ!

Hope to see you all at one of our Christmas Services! Please check our bulletin or website for times and places for Christ to come in our liturgical celebrations!

Peace and God bless!

Fr. LeRoy Scheierl

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