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Week of November 23rd

Message from Geralyn Nathe-Evans... In today’s Gospel we hear Matthew speak to us of how we care for Jesus when we take care of others and of ourselves. Jesus is among us and within each of us. Jesus wears the face of the hungry who need to be fed, the thirsty that want to be quenched, the naked that cry for clothing and those experiencing homelessness and seek shelter, those who suffer from illness-physical and mentally, those who are lonely and seek love and companionship, those who are imprisoned and seek a friend. We are first people of God. People who have various needs, experience various struggles, we are all people of God. When we care for one another, we care for Christ-that is the message, that is our call to be disciples. Just as in any way of life or skill, we need to begin somewhere. When I have a desire to become more skilled in a craft, I seek a teacher who can mentor and mold me, teaching me the skills to build upon the gifts that God has blessed me with. To grow in my care and love of Christ requires no less. I must strive to seek knowledge through scripture and learning, I must be present in the Holy Eucharist at Mass, I must make participation in the Sacrament of Reconciliation and I must be aware of the needs of those around me that may present me with the blessing of service and care for others. Next week, we enter Advent. Our parishes are here to provide us with much of what we need to grow in our care and love of Christ. But, I will make the decision to grow as a disciple this Advent. Will I make and take the time to really live what Matthew calls us to? This Advent I will again try, I hope you do as well.

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