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Week of November 9th

I would like to thank the Boy Scouts of America, Troop # 106, for the wonderful work they did for the Church of St. Paul. Eagle Scout projects can be a daunting task. Before a Boy Scout can achieve the rank of “Eagle” he must come up with an approved project that benefits part of the community at large. He must provide for the project materials, the workforce, the time, and the actual task to be done in an organized fashion. Last month Eagle Scout, David Reisdorf, son of Paul and Theresa Riesdorf organized members of Troop #106 to paint the curb stops, hand rails (including removing the rust), paint window frames, ramp walls, and power-sprayed the church entry rugs at St. Paul. The place looks great! With our new parking lots and everything else with a fresh coat of paint, I want to commend all the troop members and parent/volunteers for doing such a good job. Taking pride in our facilities is all part of being involved with our faith in Christ! Since I am on this topic, I would like to also take this opportunity to thank other members from both St. Paul and St. Peter who volunteer to take care of the other aspects of our parish grounds and facilities. At St. Paul’s, we have what we call the “Green Team” who have done a wonderful job with our outdoor flowers and plants. With regard to St. Peter, we have certain parish members or families who have volunteered to be assigned to take care of different plant areas around our church. If you or your group has not done some trimming or clean up in your assigned area before the Winter months, now is the time to do so in preparation for Spring. You might want to contact Carl, our maintenance person at St. Peter’s if you have any questions about this. If you would like to be part of group to help keep up some of our grounds around the Church of St. Peter you may also contact a member of our Parish Maintenance Committee at St. Peter. For those at the Church of St. Paul, who might want to get involved you might want to contact a member of the “Green Team” to be part of them or ask just Gredo, our maintenance man at St. Paul for more information. It all adds up to working together and trying to make our parish facilities a more welcoming space!

Peace and God bless! Fr. LeRoy

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