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Week of September 28th

This past week was the first day of Autumn (Fall) on September 23rd. The word, “Autumn” comes from the ancient Etruscan root word, “autu,” which has the connotation of “the passing of time.” Later, the Romans borrowed the word and it became the Latin word, “autumnus/auctummus,” meaning the same. This was adapted even later by the Old French word “autompne/automme.” Rare examples of the word, “autumn,” came about as early as the 12th c. but not until the 16th c. did it come to be used as we now know. The alternative word, “Fall” came from our old Germanic, Old English, and Old Norse to mean “the fall of the leaf.” Despite its confusing origins, the season of “Autumn or Fall” for us is a sign not only of the passing of time, but it has come to mean change: the change in daylight as we experience 12 hrs. of light followed by 12 hrs. of darkness (the Autumn Equinox), change in the temperature of the season as the air turns cold, change in the color as the leaves on our trees begin to display their Fall beauty, and change in the sense of harvest as our gardens and field crops ripen and are done with their growth. For us as a parish church, this is also a time when most of our programs are in full swing and it’s time for us to change and start to grow. This would include our Faith Formation program which Geralyn Nathe-Evans a member of our staff directs and helps us change and grow.

Speaking of our Wednesday night Faith Formation Program, we are in dire need of more teachers. If you have a child in grades K-11th or just want to help out please contact us. We need your help, so come join us! It’s a great experience for both teacher and student alike. Contact Geralyn at our main office to sign up to teach and help others change and grow in Christ!

Finally, I have some more good news. Trisha Walz, a member of our Twinned parish, has volunteered to head up a “Youth Activities Group.” This is a volunteer position outside our regular Faith Formation Program in which Trisha would like to get some young people, our teenagers involved and connected to Christ. It will be open to youth in grades 7-12th and will include things like movie nights, gym nights, volunteering, adoration, prayer, guest speakers and the list goes on, nothing too formal. The goal is to give our young adults the opportunity to build new friendships with others who share the same faith. In the near future, I will have Trisha introduce herself and explain what she has in mind in the bulletin. She may also come forward to the pulpit to explain more. Stay tuned as we continue to change and grow! Fr. LeRoy

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