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Fr. LeRoy Scheierl
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Week of December 22, 2019

“Silent Partners with God:” There are people in our families, among our friends, in our homes and in our parish churches who make Christmas possible for everyone. These are the ones who prepare our church space, who plan our liturgies, who shovel the snow and clear the driveway for guests. Those who decorate their house, who set the table, who cook a delicious meal, who invite those whom they know and do not always have a place to go, who entertain their guests, who make sure everyone feels welcome, who remind people what the real meaning of Christmas is about, and who take a moment to ‘Say grace” and to pray. These are the ones whom I call “Silent Partners with God,” because without t

Week of December 15, 2019

This being the Third Sunday in Advent, I hope your Advent spiritual journey is going well, that you are finding new ways to discover God at work in your life. This weekend you may see the presider's at Mass wearing pink! Not that I am a fan of ‘men wearing pink’ but this change of colors is a reminder that although Advent is essentially a penitential season, it is ‘softened’ by the joy and anticipation that a Savior is coming. Soon to be born to redeem us and manifest God’s unconditional love. This is one reason why the Third Sunday in Advent is also called “Rejoice Sunday” or “Gaudete Sunday” in Latin. It is meant to heighten our awareness of God’s presence among us, even in our darkn

Week of December 8, 2019

“Finding God in Myself and in Others: One of the discoveries we make in prayer is that the closer we come to God, the closer we come to all our brothers and sisters in the human family. God is not a private God. The God who dwells in our inner sanctuary is also the God who dwells in the inner sanctuary of each human being. As we recognize God’s presence in our own hearts, we can also recognize God in the hearts of others.. Because the God who has chosen us as a dwelling place gives us the eyes to see the God who dwells in others. When we see only demons within ourselves, we can only see demon in others, but when we see God within ourselves, we can see God also in others. When we pray,

Week of December 1, 2019

Advent is a wonderful season of promise and of hope. It’s a time to get in touch with our inner-most longings. What we truly look forward to in our future and in our life. Hopefully, we are not just longing for material things or some other selfish desires, but for a deeper sense of peace, of comfort, of fulfillment. Knowing that we are on a journey with God who is there with us and who is walking beside us. For this to happen, however, means we must also look carefully at and be in touch with our darkness inside. Those places where we feel dejected, discouraged, struggle with faith, and have experienced disappointment. It is by opening those wounds, those thoughts, those parts of ours