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Fr. LeRoy Scheierl
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Week of December 4, 2016

We are in the midst of the Advent season already. My, how time flies! The word, “Advent” (as many of you know) means “coming.” This is in reference to the “Coming of the Lord” as Lord and Savior of our life. Jesus comes to us in many ways: He comes to us in our past at this birth, he comes to us in our present through the events and people who surround us, and he promised to come to us in our future at his second coming to save us from this world of darkness and sin. John the Baptist is the main figure in many of our gospel readings who really embodies the spirit of the Advent Season as he challenges us to, “Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths…” In my mind there is

Week of November 27, 2016

Each year at this time, I like to pray the “Litany of Thanksgiving” which I would like to share with you today. I think it’s a wonderful prayer and it reminds us that no matter who or what or where we are, we all have a reason to give thanks. Sure, things are not perfect and our life has difficulties we cannot ignore, yet when we pause to be thankful, I believe we are changed by that very fact, pretty soon our life does not seem so difficult and we can carry on for another day. By giving thanks, our attitude shifts away from us and toward our God and others who are a very important part of us. The word, “Eucharist” means “thanksgiving” and so we are called by Jesus to be a people of than

Week of November 20, 2016

We Remember, We Celebrate, We Believe The Liturgical season of All Saint’s and All Soul’s has arrived. I have come to appreciate this season. I find this time supportive in teaching me about living our baptism and death. At our Baptism we are baptized into new life in Christ that recognizes we will die in Christ to live again. An incredible concept and I continue to be in awe of all that this means for my life and my death. We began this month by remembering and celebrating the Saints. Our heritage, our lineage, our relatives, our Catholic family-our saints. All those holy men and women that we can rely on to pray with and for us…our saints. Our holy group of those who have gone before

Week of November 13, 2016

First we had the seasonal change from summer to fall, followed by the change from daylight savings time. Then we encountered the political changes resulting from the recent election and now we find ourselves close to the end of the liturgical year with the many changes it brings. The inevitability of change is emphasized in our Gospel reading today when Jesus says, “All that you see here--the days will come when there will not be left a stone upon another stone that will not be thrown down.” This constant cycle of change we encounter in the church liturgical year corresponds to what is happening in the natural world, the political world and the social world. It is quite intentional and is

Week of November 6, 2016

“Are you going to get out and vote?” This Tuesday, November 8th is Election Day! a day in which we choose and vote for the candidate(s) we hope will lead our state and country in a positive direction. I think I reflect a lot of the people’s feelings and disappointment when I say, “I am getting tired of all the personal attacks, charged rhetoric, and out of context sound bites. Candidates use this on both sides against the opposing party, all of which we must listen to constantly.” Wouldn’t it be great if those who wish to serve in public office would simply stick to the issues and policies at hand and speak about what they support and hope to accomplish while in office rather than trying t