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Fr. LeRoy Scheierl
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Week of November 1, 2015

The month of November is a month of remembrance. This weekend we celebrate the Feasts of All Saints and All Souls, November 1st and 2nd. We remember the wonderful example the Saints in the history of our Church have given us, who have inspired us to carry our cross and live the gospel of Christ. These are the ones who now share God’s glory in heaven! Chances are for every situation you might experience, there is a saint who has had similar experience as well. This being said, we look to them to be a source of hope and joy and strength for us. There might also be living saints among us whom you know, relatives or people who you know personally today and who inspire you to become a bette

Week of October 18, 2015

This past weekend (Saturday October 10th) the Church of St. Paul put on their annual “Harvest Dinner.” This dinner was open to all senior citizens within our parish communities who have been such an important part of our parish family. Many of our seniors, although no longer able to be very involved and volunteer as much anymore, in the past have been absolutely essential to our parish life and growth and history! So, to those seniors who are still actively involved and to those seniors who have done more than their fair share… “Thanks!” Special thanks also to Deacon Dave Lindmeier who has coordinated this event for so many years and to all those who helped cook and serve the wonderful

Week of October 11, 2015

This past week (October 4-7th) Deacon Dave Lindmeier, Deacon Bill Ritchie, along with myself attended the Annual Clergy Conference in Arrowwood with all the other priests and deacons and Bishop Donald Kettler. This year the Spitzer Center for ethical leadership put on a talk about the “The Four Levels of Happiness.” It was great time to gather as clergy with our bishop and to discuss what happiness and Christian leadership is all about! Here we discussed the 4 levels of happiness: 1) Immediate Gratification. 2) Personal Achievement/Ego. 3) Good Beyond Self. 4) Ultimate Good. Put another way these levels may be called: 1) Candy, 2) Competition, 3) Contribution, 4) Christ! Level one, “Imm