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Fr. LeRoy Scheierl
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St. Cloud Metro area pastors, staff and parishoners are working together to share information about the upcoming parish planning changes, specifically addressing how these changes will affect the St. Cloud Metro.  View the blog here:

Week of September 28th

This past week was the first day of Autumn (Fall) on September 23rd. The word, “Autumn” comes from the ancient Etruscan root word, “autu,” which has the connotation of “the passing of time.” Later, the Romans borrowed the word and it became the Latin word, “autumnus/auctummus,” meaning the same. This was adapted even later by the Old French word “autompne/automme.” Rare examples of the word, “autumn,” came about as early as the 12th c. but not until the 16th c. did it come to be used as we now know. The alternative word, “Fall” came from our old Germanic, Old English, and Old Norse to mean “the fall of the leaf.” Despite its confusing origins, the season of “Autumn or Fall” for us is a